Help cant click on dictionary

damn i cant click on any of these… Whenever i try to click i go to the next page instead of showing the definition

These are the different sections they will jump you to the associated section of the dictionary and they can never get the little X’s on them :smile:

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Ow hahahah thanks hahahaa i feel so stupid hahaha

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It’s cool it confused me for a good bit too when I was trying to get the dictionary finished no reason to feel stupid :smile:


So damn stupid back then hahahahahah thanks to the admins here i got to be where i am now huhuh

don’t even worry…we could write a book about the UI choices we have talked about changing “if we knew then what we know now”.

Thanks for hanging around to enjoy the game!


Heheh awesome! You guys are the best.

Got an idea.

Simple definition and then an option to click for more advanced. Basically the read more setting or click for better understanding/advanced.

I mean some things are simple but have more to it than what it says basically.

Although it’s not too necessary but something I thought about. Although I’m not sure what else, codex seems more solid now.

I mean forums are here for better understanding for sure though :slight_smile: . Codex is better than no codex for sure.

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