Help epiphany

Isnt epiphany supposed to increased stats percentage …it doesn’t work …i have hand of epiphany on wizard with stone of nadroji(from which class i forgot)…help😊

It increases the cap, not the actual stats.

For example , Epiphany (5) increases cap by 25% so if you had 650% cap luck , it turns to 812.5% cap so that means you can actually benefit from having more than 650% cap (not including fortunate).

That’s not the only example but it’s an example. It simply increases the cap.


Ill upload screenshot

Above pic shows my current build without hand of epiphany

and you can see 846% gold find

Here’s with the hand of epiphany

Its still 846% gold find and you can see crystal drop rate falls to 300 from 550

Dont know what to do😥

its the same because you havent added more value. epiphany wont just raise the value for you… it only increases the max value you can get

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Crystalline probably affects item drops??
And your gold find doesnt change because you still never increase gold find to fulfill the new raised cap…

epiphany does not help with increasing your gold find, it just makes way for you to add more

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Only the crystals. More crystals from more item drops though and the crystal rarity increase via crystalline and floor tier rarity.

Also legends to turn into crystal legends as a chance and more item drops can also include more legends.


So i need to add more gold find i get it now :grinning:…always nice to have you guys here…best game ever :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:

crystalline is tricky. it DOES raise crystal legend / eternal crystal drops… but it does NOT increase item drops, or crystal drop rates.

it merely increases ultra rare tier crystals chances at dropping. jasper to obsidian.

so… if an emerald drops for eg: theres a better chance that emerald will be a jasper instead


I was just theorising as to where the hell 150% item drops disapears to :S
Wait never mind, he doesnt lose any, it was crystal find he was losing :sweat_smile:

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lol. hireling ate it… or the slimes… them and their bad skill… o.0

Can i roll cryatal affix gold find to more than 221% whats the highest i can get

225… i think?