Help! Eternal Gear or Mythic Gear? Solved


Sorry. I just read a post and realized that an eternal gear can’t change affixes so i decide that i go for mythic gear.

Thank you.


Do not forget about the eternal mythic gear!! You can obtain this gear on Mainhand and helmet. Just craft your mythic then add topaz for 3 Epic affixes that will be double value perfect rolls. The epic affixes are a pain but it’s a fun gear to obtain.

Oh man idk what to do with this lol
Eternal fabled staff help please

!ot! isnt a perfect roll illegal? or its not illegal bc only 90.4% mythical?


No I meant the Orange/Epic affixes will be double value and perfect rolls.


thank you :slight_smile: i didn’t know that


You’re welcome but do not forget that is on eternal item at level 100.


Wow !!! I want one to put apocalypse in :slight_smile: