Help floor 236

hello guuuys. first, feel sorry to im not good at english.
i played DQ 2or3 days maybe, and i think im in stuck.
so i neeeeed you guys help!!!

skill : knightcharge-37(skill20,gear17), luck-20 str-17 int-1

these are my curiosities

  1. past 200 floor, open the map and get upper floor’s map. is the right way to get further?
  2. when i reach lv 99, exp bar color is changed. and when it full i get a extra hero point instead of stat. is there no way to get extra stat point?
  3. use poison knightcharge and energy resorce sys. which affix or talent is good? plz recommend
  4. i think hp (64k)and all resist (less200) are low. some element elite? mob or thorns mobs are little bit scarry to me. should i improve those affixes??
  5. mp absorb option work wih energy? should i change mp absorb option?
  6. should i increase my gears quility using crystals?

thx for read so loooong questions.

just stay at floor 200 in 1 week and Ascension dealer 1st to have more gold.

  1. Correct the only way to get higher floors after 200 is thru maps.
  2. When you reach 99 lvl you unlock Ascension in shop which costs 5.000.000 gold and it resets your lvl down to 1 and you gain x2 exp.
  3. Poison element is good but for PvE I’d recommend Fire element and Crushing Flames set (green) affix. As for your resource system, anything works.
  4. Your stats are not the best but you are still in low lvl floors so don’t worry about it much, as about thorns try to have high health regen or HP on hit.
  5. I didn’t ever try it out but it’d be pointless since Energy regens pretty fast.
  6. If you have some affix you feel like you don’t need then don’t hesitate, but for the time being don’t bother too much it’s still too early for you. Start making your own build with crystals after you pass stage 500.

thanks a lot for reply. for #5 ,explanation of mp absorb also include reduce dmg. anyway youre goodguy

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Can you post your whole gear?

Buy map on floor 200m3( lots of it) farm the heck out of it, get lots of legend items then keep and search for ideal affixes.

Anyways mp absorb is great in PvP not so much in pve for me.

You can increase your builds quality and level using emerald and peridot. Start crafting when you can farm map 500 very easily with high luck and gold find percentage.

It would be awesome if we could see the screen shots of your build so we could guide you. :smile:

Wow thx you!! these are my gears and now i collect the 4 socket gears for the mythics.

Place emerald and peridot to increase quality and level