Help for a very new player

So I have about 3 pages full of legend items but no eternal/crystal/mythic items. Any suggestions on which legend set will help me farm the fastest? I’ve ascended once and choose the +300% eternal item find perk. I’m around lvl 250 m1. No nadjori items yet either. Warrior with wizard hireling

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Just lots of luck on gear and you will do fine. Keep doing floors 201. When you get nadroji your luck will improve

After that go to mythic 3 and find a build that has a lot of damage and luck. Aim for floors 500 plus. Look for crystalline and eternal sets. These are really good

I played my 6 year old nephews game for him. No ascendings. Just modest + luck on gear and fortune. Still dropping eternals

As for your next ascension , controversially I suggest accomplished :slight_smile:

any Legend Sets/Items with Luck, Gold Find, and Fortune. Item Drop Rate is good also. these kinds of items are good if you want to start farming for good loot early in the game. putting some Hero Points in Fortune Skill can help you farm better also. I have read that the faster you kill monsters can increase how much loot they drop by a little bit. I just dropped back to floor 110 from floor 900+ for farming, and I noticed I am getting more Legend drops just because I can 1 shot most of the monster in stead of taking 2-3 second to kill the weakest monsters on floor 900+. if you are going for more Perks and still want to focus on Farming, get Fortunate (+200% Luck and Gold Find over cap) or Accomplished (+5 yard pick up and finish Feats faster, which means rewards from Feats more often, and Hero Points faster). after these 2, get Dealer, because you will need lots of Gold when you get this far in the game. Mythic items can’t be found. you craft them by placing 4 Myth Stones in 4 Sockets on 1 item. recipes are listed in the Codex. each time you use or convert a Myth Stone, there is a chance to reveal part of a recipe for Mythic affixes. so if you converted 10 Myth Stones, that is 10 chances for part, or parts of any recipes to be revealed. if you convert down, it is 1 for 1, when you convert up, it is 1 for every 2.

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I agree with @Golem . But I would say is to go for accomplished perk. I chose treasure and accomplished as my first perks. I’m very happy

Nadroji drops from powerful monsters (Epic+) floors 100+. usually the only Epic monsters are around the Map exit or Cartographers. when you complete the kill Rare Monsters Feat, it will spawn a Horde of Epic Monsters, which leads to the Legend Monster, which leads to the Mythic monster. the Hunter Ring or Hunter Perk causes 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians to spawn at Shrines when you activate them. some maps have the map affixes +% Magic, Rare, and Epic Monsters, which speeds up the monster Feats so you get Powerful monsters more often.