Help for my needy rouge

Uuhm, I’m using a blinker rouge inspired by Cuzeg’s Seasonal maidens, with chakram as an MH and a Vial as an OH. I use discordance for instant blinkstrike and smoke bomb so I wouldn’ttake much damage and also do a lot of damage.
The problem is that the blinkstrike doesn’t do much damage at all! Especially with warriors. What should I do to boost my damage?
Set affix :
Defiant, Smokescreen, Living force, Permafrost, cerebral vortex, Terrashaper and Played from my pet.
Mythics :
Exposed, Discordance and of course Sanctuary.
I’m also using Classcannon 50%, Frostbitten 300% and Epiphany bonus from a cap I got.
All stats points goes for strength.
And I still don’t do any damage to warriors.
PS: division 4 of eternal league.

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In arena its better to have +5000 ed than 100% ed…

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And why is that?

Because all are nerfed in arena.

Maybe just put 1 100% ed but 5000ed is still better
Use 100%ed in pve

It seems you’re quite right. It actually help a lot, thanks.

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Glad to help :blush::blush::blush: