Help for rouge build please

I’ve been playing for a long time now,
And still cant understand the game, and think im going nowhere reach the max lvl and floor 300+
Already had a lvl reset and now im lvl 90+, but still, my rouge dies a lil bit too much on the 300+ floors, and my damage and defence is really really small i think coz as ive said i die a lot in 300+ floors…
Is there any way to make my rouge any stronger?
Btw last time i had a ring for a knight, and converted it to a rouge ring, it gave me a bit boost on my damage but is it good? Pls help.

I guess the primary thing you should be looking right now is to get your second and third ascencion, (Fortunate + Treasured + Enshrined with a Hunter Ring) it’ll boost your farm a lot… While you do it, look for Nadroji’s ring and amulet due to +2 All Sets… With those 'll be much easier to craft any build. Then, look for some PvE elemental build like Green Garden or Crono Gift Hachimon (They aren’t for rogue, how it’s based on ElemCrit, you’ll be able to use it)… Those build are very expensive, but you’ll be able to adapt it, just focus on how it works and change the affixes that you can’t afford…
The easier would be Green Garden, just pick Plagued + Druidic sets and the build will be already working… Then add +5000 Poison DMG on all parts, some +100% Blight with Ruby and you’ll be good to kill on lower floors, without finish the build.

Edit1: the affixes you can’t afford, just replace for HP and MP Regen.

Seriously i dont know what you are talking about. This is so sad T_T

Please explain it further sir, i really cant understand the words youbare using they are quite new to me…
Thanks in advance sir

Read the guides out there… Look for Griffin’s, Midlumer’s and Skaul’s… They have perfect guides for everything. Will be easier to understand.