Help in the build

Ok thanks and about build if i do this for warrior what i can replace than (Epiphany) i didn’t have it and even i didn’t know what this do ^^; can you get Screen shoot for Epiphany iteams and nadroji bouns

You can replace OH weapon and ring if you don’t have epiphany…

I can get it but epiphany effect !! So if this useful i will craft it and use jasper and change it to warrior ;

Epiphany raises cap by 25% and that’s huge for farming affixes too. It means , if I had 650% cap , 650+ 25% of that 650 = 812.5% gold find and luck . For item drops, it raises 200% cap to 250% (new cap). 250% item drop is so much better than 200% if you tried hirling mode.

With fortunate, that 812.5% cap is there plus an extra 200% over cap hold and luck find. You can get 1012.5% gold find and luck. That is like legend map affix stat but used for packsize map and other map.

I don’t know how to explain but this maybe can help you…
It’s quote from cuzegspiked

Y i get it thanks ^^

you can try my warrior build if you want

Kraken health ,y i save it before ; it’s nice build ^^
But do you think 200k armor rate this highest armor% i can get ; and i think i will try it & improve it ^^;

you need flat armor to increase it :smiley: