Help me build my Hammer ^_^

So here is the Hammer im using right now overall my build has alot of CC (Taunt+Stun%OC)

With the earthquake %(around 40% to cast on attack) and the high skill
 lvl of Earthquake and Scalp i can grab all Mobs
and instant stun them so to get the Dmg i use alot of Elemental DMG to 
get around 12M Dmg with scalp and earthquake so now here comes my question:

Im going to change the mythstones and now i asked myself if i should change
the Fortune 5 into another stat...

Should i try to get Elemental Critical 
- (Does this increase all my critical Ice Attacks ) ?
Or should i try to get normal Crit-Chance or Crit DMG ?
Or should i try to get +% Weapon DMG ?
I hope you guys can help me :D 

the thing to remember when crafting your main weapon is that weapon damage affixes only affect the item it is put into. they also cannot be put into armor and jewelry items. hence, I suggest trying to put a 5000 + weapon damage on that hammer as you will not be able to put it anywhere else.

elemental critical is different from normal critical attacks. elemental criticals give extra effects depending on the element. they kinda increase your damage indirectly, if used correctly and/or in combination with other affixes.
for your weapon, ice elemental crit aka freeze encase your enemy in ice for 3 secs. no direct increase in damage. if you use a frostbiting affix as well, then freezing an enemy will increase your damage on that enemy.

ty for the suggestion i actualy amde the desicion to make it a mythic first (i ll leave the + 100% Ice Dmg on it )
after that i ll try to get a % weapon Dmg then i ll put as much quality +1% crystals as i can after that i ll put on a crystal affix …now im just dont know which mythic talent i
want to put on …

earthquake mythic is probably your best bet. or maybe bombard =Þ

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