Help me guys please wizard farm build


Best advice is think of a build and test it. If it’s a success or failure post it on here and ask for improvements. By which time you will be crazy with ideas


For a beginner farmbuild(wizard) i wud suggest satyr in oh,adventurer in robe,narodji in ring and amulet(for 2 all sets)if you hav spike (momentum)pet much better so u can used eternalized and crystalline sets for the remaining geats.,note that farming build is for resources digging adding up goldfind,luck and itemdrops affix are recommended,though for beginner it would be better to stay at lowfloor farming(150-200)because farmbuild are not design for a high end damaged unless ofcourse you have a hireling which will serve as ur damager.


You need to have an attack that pierces the enemy in order to make use the exposed mythic. Examples are orb, scalp, boomerang. Also frightening choker from rouge has an affix +2 on all sets.


Also using the 50% pierce chance on Zenith on chest and helmet. 100% pierce chance can make any skill Pierce and work with Exposed! Very good with wand build in PvE for example. Seen this one:


Thank you so much guys! Got some ideas from all of you. Only the worst thing ive done is adventure mythic skill on amulet. Thought it was useful but hell not. Waste some resources :disappointed:


great video! when I was watching the video, the Piercing Barrage looked a lot like Living Force, really cool. I was thinking of a build using 50% pierce with Comets, so some of the Comets explode deeper in the large groups of monsters on Pack Size maps, instead of only hitting monsters in the front rank.


Pierce rocks


Yep. My pierce wizard was a fun project too, even if not the most damaging but I just like how it can go through all the enemies and wipe em clean like that. Abusing 50% pierce dmg from hero points per enemies + Frozen and other stuff. Guidedshot is also great with that and other piercing skills with 50% dmg per pierced on hero points.

Also just skills that naturally pierce in general or adding 50% -100% pierce chance so any skill can Pierce (piercing wand barrage, so good). :heart_eyes: