Help me pick my last item set. And some questions

I use Crushing flames, Electrocution, Hunger, Angelic and Epiphany.
Bow is set to fire/vial is lightning.
I use guideshot.
I have 75% attack speed, dodge, block,deadly strike.
I have capped crit and ele crit with coatweapon.

I use to use Trickster but i have mirrorimg on the vial now.

Pick just one and state your reason please.
Im thinking betwin: Inferno, Adventurer, Rage, Pathfinder, Defiant, Masochism.
Momentum with no real MS on gear just coation weapon???
Balista and living force dont work with guideshot as far as i know. Corect me if im wrong. But guide shot is a progectal right?
Smoke screen with -%resist talent. I have 25% smoke bomb proc on gear just for the 100%dodge for 1 attack.


How dose hunger work with Fury resorce?
Whats the APS cap x+25% epiphany. For guideshot.
Does Draught increase attack speed or APS.

Hunger+fury doesn’t work, because hunger says MP, using fury changes MP into fury, so MP doesn’t exist anymore and is replaced by fury… I hope you use the epiphany helm for that AMAZING damage bonus (+70% damage when you have 70+% attack speed on gear), probably pathfinder if you want it for a decent PvP build, otherwise inferno+ an elemCrit damage affix or two for the damages and tick rate

Also why does no one use electrocution+frozen?

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I use Draught mytic to cap my attack speed so i dont use the helm.

And on that note i dont know why ppl dont run frozen i like Crushing flames for pve and i dont bother with pvp at all anymore.

Just farming for that perfect et pet.

I see… Well your missing out on a big damage buff :S but yes drought is good if you remember to drink potions a lot (useless in PvP though)

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I play on my mage and just port arunde and spamm time warps and mp pots.

And MP orbs fill my fury and remove my fury when its full cause of hunger. Are you sure im not geting anything from it?

Hunger + Fury works, but it works by a very weird way:

  • While your fury is below 50%, Hunger CD/APS effect will apply normally
  • Above 50% fury, Hunger CD/APS effect ceases and fury won’t be decreased by Hunger Mana Decrease effect, since it isn’t mana based. So you need purposely make fury decreases in order to apply Hunger CD/APS effect again.

It works by same way with energy.

Momentum works with both affixes and bonus MS (adventurer, sprind, knightscharge, etc.)

I still didn’t conclude what guidedshot is after patch 3.0, since it doesn’t work with neither living force or or ballista. Before 3.0, it was working with living force (???).

I never heard about APS cap, most of times it is a hidden attribute. But if you did mean AspD, it’s 75% with epiphany: 60*1.25 = 75

Draught increases attack speed, but it prob isn’t count in stat cap and act as a hidden attribute.

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Hidden attribute indeed. Drought, angelic , hunger, Fletcher I guess. They all do APS. I’d think some of the changes show up in stat page but not always I guess.

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The thing about hunger is that if you pick an MP orb and have 50%+ Fury It goes down to 0 so there’s no problem in droping it. Not so usefull in pvp i guess.

I dont recall guideshot and ricochet ever working with them. I just made a tread long ago aisking if it was and some ppl said that its a progetcal.

I really wanna know for sure now since i have expouse and stuff.

I havnt heard of an APS cap as well.Just wundering cause of Draught.

About Draught the wiki it says that it incresses Attack speed but in the game its worded as APS.

I just want to pick one i nailed it down to two Inferno with fire bow or Pathfinder with 75% dodge.
I guess i will jsut swap them inferno for pve path for pvp.