Help me please . Newbie . How to make this?

Use two of this on both of your Jewellery.


On what floor can i get that stone ? Rigjt now im 250 floor

Mythic (Purple) Monsters like to drop Ultra Rare Crystals and Myth Stones. this can happen on any floor of any difficulty level.

a Farm Build on Floor 500. will do even better with Mythical Set. any difficulty level.

use Gold to upgrade 2 lower Myth Stones to 1 of the next higher Myth Stone. it cost more gold the rarer the Myth Stone is.

buy Ultra Rare Myth Stones in the Shop. this requires 5 million gold for a random Ultra Rate Myth Stone.

@Sunzhang didn’t circle it, but in addition to using an Elixer MS, a Nadroji Ring or Necklace has a +2 Set Number on them.

the last way is to have 5 of the same Set. if you have 5 Items with Ascendant Set, you will have Ascendant Set (5).

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