Help me please

Hello am a new player on this best game . I need help , am 80 lv and dont knoq how cant craft items pls help me . Am play woriar , and i need ro uogreid my gear realy i need help .

Try searching the fourm there is a lot of info on crafting and warrior gear info. And Its nice to meet you, have fun and share your achievements with us.

I dont know witch gems need for crafting and i dont now wher to find them i realy need a help …

You get gems from just farming around and converting red legends,eternal legends, and crystals legends you don’t need.
Click on the link I showed you and scroll to the top and red the first section from mar 18.

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Hmm i dont see the link if u can post agayn i will be happy

Can u give me a link ageyn ?

Click on here

IMO i guess u should farm your lvl first to 99. and get as much as posible (gold and resources ) not to mention specific item it self. In my case i play about 3 week to farm my first toon lvl, gold resource eth… the rest time i got, i just play blindly. get anything i think is good, it will take some time to get hang to the game and understanding minor thing… btw why u want rushing craft thing at lvl 80.?its not like u can fully use all crystal. i think u need to be lvl 85-99 to use amethyst and obsidian…

Hay nowvam 88 lvl and i wanna to know how is biulding items becouse am searching for internet and don see anyting . Am olay 3 days hah and love this game today am play all day i know am a little lvl but am intresting how is crafting items and no one teling me …

the only reason ask u to farm thing first because from there u will understand thing more especially how your weapon talent skill and all other thing work. furthermore just asking how to craft and not understanding how those affix work will risk your crystal if it go wrong.

Hmm can u teach me how can i will craft my items when i get mets

Vicbot already sent the link. u can read and learn from there. but first u need to learn how those affix work. what is essential for your build, what affix is viable through crystal eth. it will help u minimize your crystal usage and all other thing too like wasting slot affix for not needed affix.

also, try to visit Guides section and see other players build, it’ll be hard to understand at the first time for sure but at least you can get some references and learn from there.

Here’s one good thread as a starter: