Help Me To Get Fast Crystal and mythicstone

Help Me

Follow my steps steps :

  1. Don’t be lazy
  2. Try go to higher floor or play challenge maps.
  3. Please edit your post, it’s don’t look like good post, just with word “Help Me”
  4. If you are lazy, don’t hope you will be GG in this games.

Farm farm farm

Get a map(s) for floor 101 and complete it to level 200, scrap and restart. While doing so, you can use Larimar to add affixes to the map(s) and also try to make your Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop maxed. I think max is 650%/650%/200%, respectively. Nadroji, Eternalized, and Crystalline are nice set affixes for farming, also. They only function on your 1P character, though. You’re hireling’s set affixes, as mentioned in previous sentence, don’t contribute towards the drops. Crystalline is the one you wanna use for CS/MS If you can manage to get the gear as a drop. :smile: