Help me to understand

If i added legend affix resourse cost, it is enough to activate vortex bonus without epiphany ???

You need 25% resource cost. At 50% resource (Max), it gets scaled to 20% in PVP (40% reduction). Then you need to add 2 nature’s (wisdom) onto gear for resource cost 2.5% each. Which equals 25% resource cost. :smiley:

I cannot remember how much the legend affix for resource cost is scaled.

That ring plus 2wisdom nature can activate vortex bonus ??

You need the vortex bonus on offhand.

You need to reroll ring with diamond until 50% resource cost achieved on crystal affix.

2 of your gear need wisdom nature.

I that ring they have 43 resource cost and it cant be reroll
And there is a question how many resource cost i will add to activate vortex bonus
Another crystal affiix resource cost ??
Or 3,4,5 wisdom natures ??

Oh goodness… face palm… you have an eternal item and I didn’t even see the green. My bad…

You can do this @Athena

43.1 resource = 17.24%
Gear nature change to wisdom 2.5%*4 will work. You can try 3 nature’s and see if it activates with rounding from 24.74% up to 25% but I am not certain.

Tnx much i’ll try that
See you in arena :laughing::laughing:

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You can look at your profile after an arena battle to see if vortex bonus is activated on OH gear. Let me know if this worked please. Good Luck!!

Ok ok if i finish to craft
Btw your at 3rd place right now haha later im on that place