Help me toGgain more luck for eternal drops


Ewhat can i do to make dy luck for eternal drops hih?


Eternalized set, and capped luck


get Luck to 650%. that is the maximum/cap. very easy difficulty gives no boost to Luck, Mythic 3 difficulty gives +350% Luck, so the harder the difficulty level, the easier it is to get maximum Luck.
with Fortunate Perk +200% over maximum/cap, Luck can get to 850%.
Epiphany Set can increase the 650% by 5% per Epiphany Set over maximum/cap. most players just get Epiphany (5) for a 25% over cap.
Treasured Perk increases the chance to drop Eternal Items by 300%.
the Eternalized Set increases the chance to drop Eternal items by 50% per Set, so Eternalized (5) increases chance by 250%. with Treasured Perk, that is a +550% chance to drop Eternal Items.
max Luck with Epiphany (5) will give +1012% Luck, and Eternalized (5) with Treasured Perks will give +550% chance to drop Eternals.


Lots of orange luck items on each item you wear to start


Luck alone will drop eternals


most farming starts with Luck and Gold Find affixes of Normal (Yellow) or Epic (Orange) affixes. later you get the other ways to increase your farming abilities, as I mentioned earlier, including Crystal (Light Blue) affixes, either finding them on looted items or using Obsidian to roll them onto your item. I think the original post was asking about increasing chances for Eternal drops. I remember when my Luck value started going up, and Legends started dropping more often, and then a few Eternals would drop 1 a month or something.