Help me tweak my build :(((


Thankd for the farming build. Im also lookin for farming builds. Hhmm.


Thats why i love energy.
You can ask me there.


Btw what is energy? Lol converts my MP to energy ayt?


Do you have barbarian on your set?


I do have barbarian on my headgear


Yeah, barbarian with push the limit right?
You need atleast 40% or 50 reource cost for using your skill

Look on my post on my poison wizard build… I using 50%barbarian. With 100% PTL with 100%glasscannon. Then i put 25 %resource cost on offhand, and change all of my nature to wisdom.


which affix shf i sacrifice?


What are you recently spam skill, offhand or maindhand skill? If mh just remove +5000weapon dmg from oh.
If you using oh, remove +5000weapon dmg from mh
Sorry my english just bad. :joy:


Yea thats ehat im thinking also lol. Im spamming whirwind


So i just need to spam 1 skill ayt? But i need sprint lol. Sprint not a problem to spam tho


Yes focus on 1 ability, just use sprint after the sprint effect gone. That will save your mp.


Yea. Thanksnalot bro


Yea nvm. Buy 1 or 2 more character for easy hiking floor.


Im on floor 800 atm with 1 hero. I have an wizard with aftermath build but still weak hhmm shud i lvluo my wizard also?


I dont like warrior on flooring because sometimes i meet elements enemy affix, i cant kill the enemy because the poison cloud or the tornado. And tnt drops make me dont like warrior :(. I was trying to create warrior floor hiking build. But only stuck there :(.
Use 2 hero on floor hiking is good.
Thats why im using my warrior only for taunting, and item drop affix, and my hireling as hitter
Hope you.understand.


I feel same. Esl the barrels that explodes sucks. But thr sprint build is so good for me. Just manuever and try to dodge all incoming attcks and also i added wrath on my amulet so those barrels will explode before i came close to them to avoid the dmg lol haha


Yeaaa wrath can fix tnt drops. But just dont go too near or you will lose your money XD.
Elements affix enemy is the bigest problem i dont want use warrior melee build. Hatchet is also good for hiking floor


Barbarain and energy is probably more than enough sometimes for your sprint hachimon build but push the limit is fine too. You could even do both but sometimes just do push the limit.


Yea bro. Hehe i jst dnt know the part that i only can do 1 skill to spam. Hihi and its good now :slight_smile:


Just need to farm to build my farming build hoho