Help Me with my build

I’m using Crushing flame(6) + Crushing blow at 60% I think I capped it already.
My question is do I still need to cap the crit chance and crit damage also the immolation and blistering like what I did?
Or shall I change these stats to another to improve my build…
Please help…

I think this op engh :+1:

you dont need to improve this any further anymore. focus on creating a build for pvp since it is more fun to play

@lionex is right. Have a pvp build.
If u use twister/storm/barrage, 30% crushing blow, 30% elem crit, 200-300% elem crit dmage is enough. Unless u need to get the electrocution bonus w/c req. 50-60 elem crit.

Meme XD.

In seriousness, right now its not as fun to play but i guess it depends on what build you use and what league. Im sure arena will be more fun with olympian build in div 1 for eg. I played arena for a while which could be why. Definitely sometimes more fun than PvE.


do you have Epiphany on your build? if not, you have 18% to much crit chance and 105% to much crit damage being wasted. you could put other affixes to help your build instead. 60% and 350% are the caps before using Epiphany.

I have epiphany(6), I guess this build will do good in terms of floor hiking I wonder how far will I go :thinking:

I guess I’ll have to focus on my PVP set now and farm lots of crystal :grin:
Gotta beat that IMMORTAL thingy :smile::smile:

Just kidding about beating IMMORTAL :joy::joy::joy:
I just want to unlock the items and vanities at the arena :blush: