Help me with this question

Why i can not drop Reduce Cd with obsidian?

yes, we can

I wanted to say, I can not, I’m still struggling to wear with obsidian and nothing … just resource cost …

If your item already has an epic Reduced CD, then you can’t. If not, it’s just RNG gods trolling you.

Unlucky. RNG troll you. Or maybe you have already got epic reduced CD and that’s why the crystal affix won’t show up - since DQ makes sure duplicate affixes are impossible by normal means.

The only way I can truly get duplicate affix is having 15% reduced CD already on there as epic affix, then placing empty socket and 15% reduced CD mythstone. Although if you already have 15% reduced CD mythstone , you won’t be able to add the 15% epic affix or crystal affix.

Also if you managed to get crystal reduced CD 45%, you can add the 15% reduced CD mythstone on the same item. However crystal affix won’t show up if you already have 15% reduced CD on the item you try to get Obsidian Crystal Reduced CD.


Oh…ty so much…i m soo dumb,it s true have a eppic reduce cd :)))


Problem solved. Ty very much :smile:

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Rofl. Terrible. Glad you got it solved. I’ve done this. Lol. It’s all science.

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Indeed. A mad scientist would be perfect at this game. Actually in fact a physicist played the game and was really good.

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