Help me

Here are my items, I would like you to look at them and tell me if I should change anything and what to exchange, thank you.

So. What are you aiming for bro? Farming ? Or Climbing?

You need to put Elixer Mythstone on your Neck and Ring so you can have + 4 on every set affixes.

Ex. 1 part of Nadroji (1) + putting 2 Elixer Mythstone (1 on ring 1 on neck) = Nadroji (5)

I’m on the climb, for now with this construction I’m supporting the floors, but I’m thinking up there.

Best floor to farm is 200 to 500 M3, dont make it to the higher level yet you must perfect your Set 1st so you will not die everytime you hit by mobs… Find some build here that suits your taste.

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(Im the one who made the sets)
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You can get some ideas here by changing some affixes,

For Wizard Build:

Manashield Aftermath Build
Hell Summoner Build

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