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Most impressive @ShimanoXT do you farm any patericlar levels for pets? I typically stay at floor 400 jus to get the enslave achievement to eventually get eternal pet as a freebie…

no, i think it’s just the accumulation of time playing this game since 2016. I just love clearing maps. That’s why im still at floor 3000+. And I don’t buy monster boost since I start playing. It’s just pure playing time and of course, some luck. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I’m still in the 1700s, I spent to much time farming lower levels because everyone always suggested farming pass 1200 was pointless :man_facepalming:t4: I’ve noticed mobs are no different even where I’m at. Has mob difficulty changed for you at floor 3k? Seems to me it would get really laggy when things have 10 quintillion life… if nothing has changed I’ll prolly stop soon when I hit floor 2k

Dont go to higher floor without CF(6) + CB (30%).


I officially killed my first legendary with healing 0.4 affix since being over floor 1k. After reading a comment @studenT made about crushing blow canceling out crit dmg, deadly strike and I’m assuming crit chance I decided to tone my CB down to 20% from 60%. Did it on floor 1788. I would like to note I didnt pay attention if it had greatly resist to fire, I figured i was wasting my time even trying. Thx @studenT

Edit: fought a greatly resist fire and failed miserable lol I hate healing affix

2nd edit: I fought 5 total legendary bosses 3 healing 0.3 and 2 with healing 0.4 affix. fire elemental, nix, cleric, snake and enslaved…the snake, cleric, fire elemental(fire ele had greatly resist fire) all died. Nix (nix had greatly resist fire) and the legendary that looks like a enslaved wouldnt die. All over floor 1800+, I dont understand how healing affix works, seems random. I would like a clear definition of the affix

It’s really pointless farming at high floors unless you want to unlock all the items in the codex. I just farm from floor 186 - 200. When I reach 200 I go back again at floor 186. There are more loots at lower floors. The mobs at higher floors have high hp. Thats the time builds are having a hard time at that floor except crushing flames + frozen.

True, that’s why I’m gonna stop at floor 2000… I did however tweak my wizard enough I can now solo a mythic boss healing 0.5 100% of the time floor 1100

I realize how crappy that picture is, first time I ever collaged a picture lol. I blew a 3k dust rolling high eternal stats on gear tho. As for the luck affix I have to have it to have 981%


Nice build!, though you need to more time to practice your cropping and editing skills :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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For me going high floor is only to find challenge so i dont get bored…
At first i farm on lower floor because it is faster until someone posted everything in 13k floor will be one shot killed by only using CB…i rushed to that floor, but sadly he gave wrong floor, the true floor is in around 15k floor (started from around last 14k)everything one shot killed by CB…now im here for farming, easier than lower floor
To find challenge & test my build i go to 10k (easynumber to remember)

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You’re right! I just go floor hiking to test some builds. I also became curious about that CB build. I already have my crushing flames + frozen combo when someone posted that build but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to play this game. I also wanted to go to 13k+ floors to test it myself! :smiley: :smiley:

@studenT I really hope you post your PvE part 2 post soon, I have 200 dq IQ from the first 1 lol
Apparantly you already have, slightly different title…

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I was bored and thought I’d make a new character and got him to lv50, some reason it wont let me pvp with him. What’s the qualifications to pvp?

Edit: Nevermind, must of been lag :man_shrugging:t4:

Today was a good day boys! Finally hit my final ascension with my rouge!!

Not to mention I FINALLY got my angel aura! I can finally get those angel wings/eyes :smiley:

ZERO DEATHS! lol I wished

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How to get aura ?

PvP, it comes after arcane aura… it took me roughly 1265 battles with a 50/50 win lose rate… I was originally doing it to get gladiator gear for the codex but my rng is so bad I ended up getting the aura first… after the angelic there is a demonic aura which I’ll prolly end up getting :man_shrugging:t4:


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I started a new wizard and thought to myself what’s better than a wizard with lv40 skullshield cf 6 or 7, cb30?! How about 2 of them lol I think I’ll make this one straight poison tho, I seen a thread @Golem made about dot sorcery, fester and inferno … sounded amazing

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Unfortually the DoT build works a little to good, I’m having terrible monster glitches when combining blight + pack size. I can tolerate this glitch with cf as only 1 or 2 “walking dead” as I call them draw agro to my skullshield. When theres and entire pack tho sheesh

Holy hell if my warrior isn’t pimped out, looks amazing in game. It’s a magic find build so the talents aren’t that important. Looks great!

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