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Is there a difference between a dropped item and one purchased in the codex?

yes and no.

No: a looted Legend/Eternal/Crystal Item picked up and an Legend/Eternal/Crystal Item bought in the LegendEx with dust are the same, although affix values might be a little different.

Yes: looted Items are free just by picking them up, but Dust from converting Legend, Eternal, & Crystal Items is necessary for purchasing Items from the LegendEx.

Shop: Items, Myth Stones, and Crystals can be bought in the Shop with Gold. the higher the Tier of what is bought, the more Gold that is needed to purchase it.


OK thanks another doubt: how does the reflected damage affix work? reflects physical and magical damage in the same way?

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I think it can reflect the damage both magic and physical

Physical and magic? Is their such a thing? I know theirs 5 element types ( poison, arcane, shock, fire, ice) but i never heard of physical and magic damage.

You play as a wizard?

I think for me the physical is damage is what they called arcane damage. While the magic is the skill of Main hand and off hand.


Reflect Damage: reflects +250% of MH damage to the enemy that hit you.

from what I have seen, the damage that is reflected is Arcane. Effective Mythic can make the damage feel like what the enemy is weak to for extra damage (+25% dmg).

Electrified Set increases RD by +50% per Rank and makes RD a 25 yard AoE effect centered on the character. so if one enemy hits you, all monsters within 25 yards take damage.

Redirect Mythic allows you to Reflect Damage when you Dodge or Block an attack, so you don’t need to get hit to Reflect Damage. this also increases the damage of RD +100% when you Dodge or Block.

Redirect Damage can cause Critical Hit and Deadly Strike/Brutal, and Crushing Blow. it doesn’t cause Elemental Critical.

Arcane is an Element. think of it as the First Element that Poison, Shock, Fire, & Ice came from.

all damage is basically Elemental. doesn’t matter if the attack looks Physical or Magical.


Yes i play wizard (crushing flame - twister spam), arcane isnt exactly physical, its more like the neutral element in the game. And by your logic, distinguishing between physical and magical attacks are pointless as 2nd skills from both MH and OH can cast an arcane variant.


Thank you haha i didn’t know and thanks for the info

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no problem.

Arcane Element: monsters on all maps are not resistant to Arcane (there are only Poison, Fire, Shock, and Ice maps), so you don’t have to worry about 50% Element damage Reduction when you use Elements that are the same as the map you are on. because of this, Arcane isn’t Effective on any map either.

Weapon Element same as Map Element: -50% damage (Poison on Poison Map).
Weapon Element opposite of Map Element: +25% damage (Poison on Shock Map).
Weapon Element on other Map Element: no change in damage (Poison on Fire or Ice Map). Arcane treats all Maps as other Element Maps.

Effective Mythic makes any Element you use to be considered any Maps opposite Element for the +25% damage. this also applies to Arcane Element.

Ignore Resist makes Poison, Fire, Shock, and Ice act like Arcane Element on all Maps. plus it ignores Greatly Resist and Immune monster affixes.


Hey my question might be a bit different but since the thread is related to help that in which in device I can play the game smoothly Vivo V20 or Vivo V21

apologies for a different question but help me please


welcome to DQ @johncrooney !

I don’t personally know, but if there are other Players who know, please share. @tdaniel and other Developers or Moderators might also know.

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I don’t have an Vivo devices here I can test with.

I would say if you are having performance issues try the following:
Start the game
Press the options button
Set “HIGH FX” button to “LOW FX”
set DMG numbers to “NO DMG NUMBER”
Set shadows to “Shadows Disabled”

This will have the game run at its most compatible settings.


Yeah I was thinking something similar, the Physical and Magical damage aspect. Like AR and Resist.