Help my build please

I need advice. Honestly build wise idk what I’m doing. Help?

Keep reading/asking . theres alot builds/guides here.

I’m using a wizard. Using staff/skull… Trying summon proc/torrent proc. But I’d like advice on what procs are better and what abilities I should use on my gear???

Show us ur build.

I took a screenshot… How do I post it??

I’m on a cheap android I can’t drag and drop. Is there another way? Cause this thing is not giving me an option to upload an image no matter how many times I click the upload button :sob:

Look at what I circled in the bottom right. Select reply then select upload on bottom right corner. Wait for the link of your image to upload before you finish and press reply or it will say “uploading…”

Idk how to do this.

How do I get the pic to this screen?

Haha ohh i see. This is the best option . u have fb ryt? Search for pinoy dungeon quest players .then join to that group . best group ever about dungeonquest . but kicked me because of a poser girl :joy: .

Thanks for the help.

There are many build here in forumn my suggestion is to imitate a build and create a new one .
Reading is not enough you must try it to understand the effect of any affixes!