Help needed: Reroll stats

My warrior is level 86 now, but when I reroll my legendary warrior items, it stays at level 57 and cannot get any higher
My understanding is that the level limit of the item depends on the level of your character.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Note: I have a lvl 97 mage and my warrior has been training only by hire. I don’t think this would affect the character stats but it seems like the warrior has much lower stats compared to my mage. something doesn’t seem right here, i believe that they should be more balanced.

Anyone have any idea?

lol, im new (Wiz lv 43, rest in the high 30’s), and i figured this one out, its very simple really.

The max reroll level is the highest floor you’ve been to (I think you have to complete a floor efore its noticed by Hirings though.)

Hope this helps, cya.