Help needed with build

This is currently my build but i see a lack of dps can someone help me to build my chzr good en reach the 50 mil dps?
I use currently 40 on whirlwind it is too my only skill i use properly!

If i need to rebuild my whole build i will do it.

  1. Damage Multiplier Set affixex ex. Adventurer, Defiant, Pathfinder, Masochsm, Momentum. Zealotry
  2. Change Nature to Elements

calcite all of your gear and pet to shock and change natures(beryl) to elements.

remove crit dmg on mh and wd on oh and change both to +5 all skills (socket with zircon and insert elixer)

remove all 4 +5 whirlwinds and put elem crit dmg (high voltage) using rubies. this will cost you a lot of rubies but will dramatically increase your dmg on paralyzed enemies and will work well with the high element crit chance you have.

use citrine on your helm to replace phalanx with provocation. phalanx doesn’t really help your build since you don’t have block.

change druidic and satyr spirit to probably adventurer and momentum.

attack speed doesn’t really help whirlwind. if you can find an insolence OH weapon use that instead for the red ED%. you can put a block crystal affix on it for survivability.

Okay i changed something heres the new build, anymore improvements i czn do?

look for a better mainhand weapon. look for 100% weapon damage and add 5000 weapon damage

I dont use my oh. I only use whirlwind xd

whirlwind is on your mainhand weapon. try to get one of those axe with berserker set, that has 100% weapon damage. In the meantime you can add 5000 weapon damage on your current axe

and you may wanna try replacing e.Drain with Electrified Set.

This is my changes from now maybe some suggestions?

Zealotry is useless if you’re not using hammer and/or shields. Read the Set description

Hmm thanks what should i use then?

You should use a Berserker’s Axe, like @f00kee said, for the 100%WD and for the Berserker set affix that would replace that Zealotry.

Aight gonna hunt for the beserker axe!

Build update.

Noticed your two crystal Deadly Strike affixes, you should get Deadly Arts set affix to get your 59.7% deadly strike to also add into 59.7% damage reduction. Only costs one affix slot.

Ooohh seems that you have a lot of resources :smiley: all normal item with obsi and crystal legends :smiley:

skilled doesn’t work with whirlwind. use maybe brutal instead.

and change 5k shock damage on your weapon to 5k weapon damage.

Aight thanks man.

Build update

Now i cant update it for a few days bcs of lack of crystals.