Help on how to make an item now?

I know the best way to make perfect items used to be find a level 1 item, get the right mods, then level it up, etc.

But now it seems to all be stones/crystals…do people even look at gear that isn’t legendary/mythic now? Or does it even matter anymore?

Basically I don’t want to sell gear that is good because of ignorance anymore, I sell soo much gear lol. What should I be looking for as far as which items to keep?

Also I read that you can change the skills on items, but I can’t see the crystal/stone that does that? Can I make a staff that has comet and storm from wand? if so, how?

Any and all help is appreciated! You guy are awesome!



For special skills (2nd skills of mainhand and offhand weapon) you can amber it.good luck.