Help please

Do you think this is a good build for my wizard?
I need heavy damage dealer

MH weap - Crushing Flames
OH - Defiant
Armor - Crushing Flames
Helmet - Epiphany
Ring - Epiphany (Legend)
Amulet - Crushing Flames
Pet - Inferno
I will put energy resource on Helm of amulet maybe?

And what options should i put on those. Thanks so much!

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Id rather replace 1 ephi with demonic . If you rely dmg on the cf+cb you must have a decent crit also. Nomal mobs can be 1 shot with your current build. But higher mobs like epic-mythic mobs will take forever to kill. The lower the hp the lower cb will dealt . Causing the mob to regenerate more hp than the dmg dealt . Hope you got my point.

Yeah right. I change epiphany amulet to adventurer. I’m experimenting things rn.

Is the 400% immolation damage from the cb uselful? Do I need blistering or that is different? In short, is the blistering the immolation damage?

Btw, thanks so much. You’re a big help to me.

Blistering boost dot dmg from immolation. So yeah . Just go for 200% and 45% immolate. Or 60% elemental crit.

Is glass cannon useful? I have almost 2m attack because of glasscannon but my dps is kinda low

Then what is immolation damage? Please enlighten me. Is it different from blistering? Cause cb has +400% immolation damage when you equip at least 3 cb serts

Immolation is just the fire dot when you hit an enemy with a fire attack. You dont have to crit or anything for it