Help please

What am i doing wrong? I have all legend items a few eternal and a few mythic im a lvl 99 rogue and i can’t consistently beat floor 250+

Try using a hireling. And try upgrading your gear with crystals.

My rogue is my highest level and i got lucky with an eternal odyssey but i keep dying, any good places to fet loot/crystals?

You can just keep redoing floor 200-250 and farm up items/crystals. Trying power leveling a second champ on a high floor that u can clear fast. Just set your hireling to stay back so he wont get kill so often.

1 thing I’d suggest is if your trying too buff ice damage is that you get rid of ascendant for a different piece of gear as well as adding ignore resists also the the 20% elemental damage up isn’t as useful as the 5000+ before you have some very high damage output also regen the higher you get is more useless I’d suggest going with a different buff also applying bloodmagic too something should give u a large increase in survivability since it will consolidate your mp and hp