Help Please!

Should i put a crystal affix on this bow? If so what do i remove?

you can replace the epic crit damage affix with the crystal version (225% Crit Damage), don’t forget to check the caps though.

I was searching for this bow for a week and I couldn’t find it. Even though I’m using the fortune bringer build.

Vaccus bow is really rare to get must be very lucky.

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Yeah, i guess it’ll take another week for me to get it. #GoFortunebringer

If guidedshot is still your primary skill and you can put crit dmg and elem dmg+ to your other equips, why not put a crystal attack spd and extra attack chance / multi-attack on it to increase the damage?

Nisip don’t give up hard work paid off. Let’s say I farm over 400 floor for one.

Hahahahahah! Thanks! I hope i could catch up with you. LOL

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Just keep grinding :slight_smile:

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Gotta grind till I get bald. :joy:

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For u to get this bow. Never ask of the loot. Just farm patiently and rng will be on ur side. Cheer up!

Perfect rolls :smile:

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nice bow


Give me that bow. lol JK

Got the bow right, now just the rest of the gesr for your lohko build, or is there something else you suggest?

That u need to test ur self.

wait, lohko build need atk spd ?

heard you were looking for vacuus… You jealous yet?