Help please

Lvl.99 char. Dont have new slot for new char. To creat plz fix

What do you need help with?

Hey! The first char is free. You have to buy another slot for creating another character.

My friend told me about this game he said if my lvl are 99 then shinybox well send you a mail or massege that you unlock slot 2 so you can use other slot for new char. Plz fix

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Can i ask leader were I could find mythical item that supposed to be given by gm when you rich lv.99

You got fooled by your “friend” in this case. There is no free 2. slot. The developer have to get get some money too :slight_smile:


What Refia said. No special treatment.


There is also no free mythic item in the game, whether it be drops or chests. You have to craft them. And where did your so-called ‘friend’ get the idea that there will be 2 free slots after reaching 99? If that’s true then almost every regular player here would’ve unlocked the slots in like a day :slight_smile:

Edit: well, maybe a few days depending on their sleep cycles lol