Help pls

So when I was playing before I was following a build from 1.8. Here is the list of equipment. I love how it works though I’ve noticed it seems to be missing enemies. I need advice or is it time to scrap everything?

Whats your MH? Bow or pistol?

Guess he are using Dual Wielding, hu3hu3

Was using pistol but I’m converting everything to bow

What are you trying to do? Farm?

Well that build is very update.
Remove x2 explosive. 300% its ok
Remove haste mythstone. Attack Speed 45% its ok.
Add crushing blow crystal affix 30%
Add Dodge crystal affix 30%
Add +ED to all items
Add Elemental critical affix
Add pathfinder set (reduce dmg taken and increase DMG from % dodge)
Change skilled armor to brutal armor
All nature items to Elements
Talents mutilate, relentless or stagger, propulsion, dextrous or razored

Is that for pistol or bow? Your recommendations