Help! Proper or farm build?

I just made it to flr 500 with my duct tape green garden build. And 2 more levels to reach my 3rd ascension. I was able to save some crystals and got lucky with some good legendary item. Using wizard as my main. My 2 hireling wizard and rogue is on standby mode got dealer, and I set them with max gold,luck, item find.

So i was wondering what would the be best path to go so I can lessen any mistakes I go through above flr 500:
A. Build proper build for my main eg. Green garden build, while my hireling use max farm. Faster progress, but less farm. But with my incoming ascension is doable and faster clear speed gets more farm.
B. Build my rogue hireling for max dps, set my main with eternalize/crystalize farm build. More items, but slower progress. Takes much longer to build.

So any experts care to share some opinions for this newbie? So far I can burst mobs and boss in mythic 3 with one storm cast with 5-8m dmg and 15-30m crit dmg. For legends it takes awhile but not hard. Farm 500k per flr. I don’t like to waste my dust, crystals and gold if possible. And building a whole set will sure take awhile.

My build: eternalize MH, plague OH, druid chest, adventure head, nadroji ring, haunting necklace. Affixes poison dmg, hp, crit, crit dmg, storm.
So far I dont get one hit with my 110k hp. How hard hitting would the upper flrs be when they start one hitting you despite how high your hp?

Reaching floor 500 is enough… Just stay and farm crystals for a while. Another option is to farm on map 200 with pack size. If possible max your luck, About 850% and above. The goal in map 200 is collecting as many dust as possible then buying cheap eternals (50 dust is the cheapest) then convert for rarer crystals.

Also eternals are great for beginners. They helped me a lot when i have little resources for creating a powerful build to climb higher floors. Try combining and experiment some to your climbing gear.

Reach floor 600-650 for farming items With Epiphany set. Epiphany increases all stat caps up to 25% except set bonuses. Ex. Your current luck cap with fortunate perk is 850%, now with Epiphany this will increase up to 1012%. Great right??. This item is a must in farming builds.

Also never mind high hp. Increase your block and dodge chance instead. In higher floors having high HP is useless. Farm for obsidian crystals to craft these affixes. You can also obtain these affixes in topaz and angelite but obsidian is waaayyy better. Note that block can only be crafted in your offhand weapon and nowhere else.

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Focus on having a full climbing gear on your hireling and farming build for your main. Farm for more crystals until you have enough to create a balanced farming build with max luck and gold find plus about 350% item drops with hireling.

Wow, never thought about farming dust for eternals to convert into crystals. Does hireling fortunate increase its gold/luck stat cap? And do you mean buying challenge map 200 and repeat it constantly?

Shouldn’t have bought Nadorji Ring with dust, blew 2300 dust away :frowning:

Hireling affects your luck and gold find.

Yes repeatedly. Buy lots about 20 then dont leave any corners undiscovered. Repeat cycle for like forever hahaha thats what i do.
You actually get more loot and legend items in map 200 pack size than any other maps.
Nadroji ring is so easy to find. Buying it is not worth it.

You should have consulted us here lmao hahaha

But whats done is done. Good luck farming!


Or you could farm tons of legends in floor 200 since item drops seems the strongest there for legend drops , then salvage for dust to craft Epiphany items and unlock them . Also using that dust to craft Eternals you already found and converting said Eternals to ultra rare crystals (what I do sometimes).

Floor 500, rinse and repeat is worth it though. If you’re short on gold and want lots of dust, floor 200 is the best floor because more pack size, easier item drops (the item drops reduces after floor 200 , though not visible).

Floor 500 is great for Enslaver , finding certain legends if not dust crafting , easier higher end crystals , get stacked on the midrange crystals by the thousands quickly to make it easier for higher end crystal conversions, etc.

Floor 200 is a decent floor though for finding tons of gold and random legends for dust. Also for converting Eternals to crystals if not using dust to craft Eternals for converting them.

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I sometimes think that farming is tedious. But floor progressions is what makes me play more even with hours of game time. I’ll just mix it up if I’m bored farming flr 200.



Mixing up is best idea