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Which is better. In pvp 25% dam to elite or 100% ed

I would think 100%ed as I tho dam to elite is for mobs in pve but I mite be wrong

not sure bout dmg to elite never tried it b4. but 100%ed is only good if u have ton of 5000ed on other gears.

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25% damage too elites 100% elemental damage is only a valuable affix if you have an eternal item with 200% WD and 10000 weapon damage as well as have all points placed into power while damage too elites is much more versatile and not only useful in fringe scenarios :smile:


Try it out other players are elites but iam not sure how much damge it really does

Why not both?.. They are both useful in PvP

@DQ_Allstar_Pedro yup having both is benefecial but its more of a (slot affix problem) since they prioritize tons of 5000ed(give awesome dmg in pvp) 10khp
and some immunities/perseverance and some dmg multipliers and mythic eq so der barely affix slot left for other affixes.

@roykiyoy Eternal Unreal dude

FACT: There are more cheaters in Pvp than honest players. All of their items are edited. Specially in Div.1 …
I don’t say all of Div.1 but most of the cheaters are there. So, any problem about defeating such opponent? Better check their items and print it here…

@DQ_Allstar_Pedro yup u can get double stats ln eternal unreel and fable (though i have butbi dont use them in pvp w/ some reason). also 25% dmg to elite would be 9% in pvp (correct me if im wrong) unless u got eternal gear w/ dmg to elite 50%.

so if u deal 2000k cosmic orb 9% inc wouls be 2190. i think other affixes are more benificial.

but if u stack dmg elite % to 18-27% it could be beneficial but in the process u need to sacrfice dmg/hp/immunities.

well if u badly want dmg to elite u can also adjust ur build.

im in div top1 (though ranking change every few hours since in this patch lots of legit players are very active farming point so as we speak now i might by down to top3)

also der are no lots of cheaters now in top10 or atleeast in div1 maybe in ur era.

i think almost everybody in the top can pretty
beat anybody (cuz ai setting stil need to improve) and this was the reason the top1-5 always changing every few hours.(since lots of legit guys can easily reach top 1)

Well, i dont say he had to put that two affixes in his build but his question is “Which is better in pvp 25% dmg to elites or 100% elem.dmg…” So i answered “why not both?” Because the two are useful right?.. He can put 200% or even 100% elem.dmg in the build that he made.

Dont you even know that cheaters could only edit their MMR and items?.. :slight_smile: you must get surprised if you saw a new names there in the top rank :smiley:

cheater or legit. u can beat anybody w/ proper build so not realy a big deal. also lots of players stil reports toons who gots modified gears. dev would do some action later on. @DQ_Allstar_Pedro overall it depends on players preference having 100%ed and dmg to elite is good also on other hand having 100%ed only is good too save some slot affix. (depends really in how u setup ur build)

Yes we can beat anyone but u cant beat their MMR editing. Lol

then just surpass der mmr lol.

Let your thumb numb! Mines starting to sore. XD

Whats with pedro and the mmr editing lol all i asked was which is better because one of them had to go so i can socket a mythic

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@Achilles i think he was not happy w/ his pvp xpirience in his era(since der are lots of cheaters). goodthing now mostly of us in top league are legit players (cheaters are lesser now if u compare b4).

well so what did u choose over the 2 affixes? i bet der both good i just didnt test the dmg to elite yet (since i think its good if u got 2-3xof it for significant dps inc)

I choose damage to elite good damage with all around while ed just helps me get vortexed. Lol