[HELP] Warrior

Can you guys give me a good Warrior build? Personally i like Axe. So a good Axe build would be great.
But i am also open to other builds like sword or lance. Thank you! I have saved up 15mil for weapon and what’s left will be for other equipment :smiley:

theres a bleed build that i use its pretty good but untill assault gets changed back its meh…
basicly with
assualt your ring
lacerate on chest
brutality on helm
amulet i currently use warth takes care of TNT props on randoms maps
also every piece of armor im wearing has crushing blow on it therefore making the axes from assualt also take 25%hp (just melt) the bleed obv to finish off mobs faster across the map ect…
also isnt bad to have the bloodmagic/bloodknight just make sure u have the hp to use your abilitys. it can be stop and go with this build but just for spawning a tidal wave of axes taking 25% each axe when they proc i personally dont think it gets any better…
weapons is up to you i found the AXE to be the best out of sword or lance.

If you use Axe, I suggest you to try Fate Travesty. It’s a very good Axe :smile:

Harden on armor for defense boost.
Might on helm for damage boost.
Frenzy on pendant for attack speed.
Bloodbath on ring for healing.

My magic warrior build:
frozen fate (axe) (for twister & torrent)
Snow lion’s roar (for frostbite)
Wildhide (for ignore resist & twister)
Icebound epic helm (have crushing blow)
Assault epic ring (have crushing blow)
Azure pendent (for spell sword & meteor)

Hi, these are my equips. Please tell me what to replace and what to improve. Right now I am an Axe type warrior and I am open to other builds. I bought A character slot for me to make it an extra stash :stuck_out_tongue: