Help with defense appreciated

Any advice on what to improve on?

Edit: Should armor be higher? Dodge or block? Resistances? Thanks in advance.

If you want more armor use plague set affix. :wink:

Thabks, that’s with plague.

Also running with faun’s gift, blood magic, rage, and golden vein. Luck and gold find are about maxed out.

I think you have high EHP. If you want try battle mage. But it will chnge you mainhand skills but increase armor.

I think you should add some block affixes (2 epic or 1 crystal).

Dodge and Block > Straight DMG reduction > All Resist > Armor

Thats how I would rank defensive stats if you’re trying to climb to high floors.

I would like to thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts they theorized.

Thanks everyone.