Help with farming

Where is the best range to farm for mythstone and crystals, also id like to farm for nadrojis gear

Sweep floor 100-200 on Easy/normal/epic difficulties while wearing Crystalline/Mythical for fast gold/crystal/mythstone farms.

I got my first nadroji on floor 220+ though I am not sure about this

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Okay thanks for the help :smile:

If you can clear m3 from 200-300 then I prefer it. Got mines nadroji from around there.

I found nadroji amulet, ring, and helm so im goid now thanks though :smile:

Should think about turning your ring into a hunter ring. Its helpfull for farming and getting good xp for heroic level.

I use my obsidian crystal and fail with it -_-…

How do you get Nadroji to 6?

Mines at 6 too, i just have ring and anylet on, it goes to 7 if i have the cap on too

Plus 2 set on ring and neckless/amulet and I have double nadroji item on.
So plus 2set + plus 2set + nadroji ring +nadroji amulet=6

How to get nadroji helm and robe ? i never found that current floor 550 +

Its all on your luck in game and IRL. I haven’t got nadroji helm yet but I do have the other parts. I’m currently farm in floor 200-400 ish with max luck/fortune, item drop% on mythic 3.

Yeah you just have to play and hope for it to drop. I’ve been hunting a Nadroji Robe since its inception (patch 1.8 or 1.8.1 I think), and I’ve only recently got it. The gods have favored me so much, they decided to give me two Nadroji Robes, one legend and one eternal legend in a span of 5 minutes :heart_eyes:

I also like to add that, from what I’ve read, there’s a bug in which these rare legendaries can drop anywhere starting at floor 100. I dunno if it got fixed already.

Good luck!