Help with hireling :)

Sooo, I read somewhere that farming with a hireling gives an extra 100% item drop. Is this true? If so then do I need to also increase my hirelings drop % aswell as luck/gold because my main has 650/650/200% and don’t want that to be damaged because of some silly hirling. Thank you :smile:

It’s true. When you have a hireling all your Luck/Gold find/ Item Drop is average.

Some prefer putting all the luck/gold find/item drop in 1 account and the other account has the DMG.
Example your luck on your main is 1000. You have a hireling with 0 luck it will be 500 luck in total.

But I personally prefer Sharing luck/gold find/ item drop in 2 accounts.
So I max 650/650/200 in both accounts.

Farming sets only work with your main though.
Eternalized, Mythical, Crystalline, and nadroji.