Help with my character

Hello. I’m fairly new to the game and I’d like to Ask for some tips how to make my character stronger. I’ve been using equality gear for most od the timer but recently I looted some new legendaries. I’m at 270 ish M2 mapa and sometimes I’m able to complete map without dying and sometimes I’m Just dying over and over again. Heres the build im currently using

you are near the point where you need to get +60% Dodge. I am guessing that you are trying to get your Farm Build up to around floor 500? HP, Armor, & Resist become less reliable the higher up the floors you go, and Dodge, Block, Movement of any kind, and Sanctuary become more valuable for surviving.

Ranger Talent Tree has a few Talents that make use of Mirror Images to keep you alive, so that might help.

take off the Stun Resist & Total HP% (the Epic HP% on the Mirror), and maybe the +3 All Talents & Skills if you can do without them. if you don’t have any good Myth Stones for the Sockets you have, use Kyanite to take them off and put other affixes there. in addition to Dodge, maybe some Crit Chance & Crit DMG for more deadly attacks.

also, until you get Obsidian to put Crystal affixes on your equipment, or find items with them, or use Dust to get an item with a Crystal affix, there is only so much you can do.

change your Hats Element to Poison so you can get Toxic instead of Paralysis for your Poison Weapons. even though you have Ascendant, Paralysis wont work. if it is Toxic, then any attack that has it’s Element changed by Ascendant will have a chance to Elemental Crit. or change your Weapons to Shock, that way Paralysis can let any Element changed by Ascendant Elemental Crit.

umm, I don’t think Buccaneer Set works with Chakram, so either take the Set affix off, or get another hat. take a look in the Codex. first look in the Rogue LegendEx to see what you can use, then check the Dictionary > Sets to see which Sets can be used with what you have. I see you have 1 Jasper, so you could look at other classes Head items and see if they have anything interesting that you could convert the item to Rogue with Jasper.

these are kind of small changes, but can help you quite a bit until you can make a better build.

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