Help with rouge build

I’m still a bit new to the game some what. And I’m looking at what type of build I should take my rouge with. Not sure in witch direction I should go can anyone assist with this

just start with learning what you can do with the Rogue, then the choices are Farming for Loot or Ascending for Perks. early on, Farming builds have high Gold find and Luck, and maybe Item Drop Rate. Ascending for Perks gets you Perks that help make farming easier and better, but it ends up taking lots of experience to get all 6 Perks, if you want to get all of them. either way you choose, you will learn a lot about the game, and just explore the Forum for awhile, there is a lot of information here. just use the Search function to find anything specific you have questions about, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, just ask like you just did.

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Could u explain to me how to add picture on here was going to post my gears

Take a screen shot on your device by pressing the off button and volume button at the same time till the screen shot is taken (make sure volume is at zero first). Then upload it as an attachment to your posts by using the upload photo symbol that appears above your message box ( in which I am typing now)


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Which volume botton volume up or volume down + power botton? Is it android? Or ios?

volume down :slight_smile: