Help with these items

I found certain items that were “unusual” that i’d like to ask questions about them.

Pic #1 : Ragnarok

There is not much unusual about the stats, I just changed the MP Affix to epic weapon dmg %.
I dont have question for this weapon but I need your advice on making this weapon a bit more stronger.

Pic #2 : Stone of Nadroji

If you can see whats wrong with the Nadroji, then good job!
I maxed its level and tried to re roll the affixes using a diamond CS. But epic affixes are the only ones that are re rolling.
Is the legend “set number” affix, is it capped at 2 on a nadroji?
Is there another affix that will make this ring more useful?

Pic #3 : Hunger

Tried to experiment on this weapon, then this affix appeared. 2 Epic + Weapon Dmg % on one weapon is so cool, but then again, this weapon is garbage to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Is it possible to have 2 of the same affix on one weapon?

Note: What I meant here is the two Epic +Weapon Dmg, not Normal +Weapon Dmg and Epic +Weapon Dmg.

All Comments, Suggestions and Violent Reactions are welcome :wink:

pic 1: increase its quality with emerald and level with peridot. hunger would be maxed stats at that point. you can reroll the legend affixes with diamond and epic affixes with flourite to maximize said affixes though it can be hard to maximize them.

pic 2: that stone of nadroji is warrior class bound. change its class with jasper to be useful for your rogue. normal “set number” affix is capped at 2. only eternal versions of nadroji would boost that affix.

pic 3: you already answered your question.

#3 Would be a bug. If you could get more than one of the same affix we would all only use 2 or 3 of the best ones. :smile: