Help with Warrior toss build

Hi All,
could I ask you suggestions on the build? I have seen that people speeks about hundreds of millions or billions damage, and i can reach 50M at max. What Am i doing wrong? what should I change in the build or privilege?


I forgot the dog

In my opinion:

  1. Add another +2 Set Numbers via MS20 on Ring.

  2. If you are going full Toss build, remove Attackspeed affixes and/or +2 EAC*.

  3. Its not that I dont want that +15% Move Speed but it does not increase your damage, you may want to remove that also.
    Update: The dog has Momentum so it will increase damage if you have increased Move speed, so you may save that until you can change the dog.

  4. Go Bleed type as well, Toss has a high chance of inflicting bleed, it will increase overall damage.

On top of what @LK_Stradmore said, I would, in my own opinion:

  1. Move the Energy to your ring, and put a mythic skill like Cosmic Orb, Rock Blast, or Bombard on the sword (this wont be too difficult now that Angelite commonly gives Epic affixes and they can be rerolled easily with Larimar, Sapphires, Diamonds, and Fluorite).

  2. If you are using toss as your main source of damage, think about putting Nova on your hatchet. Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance also do not affect your OH skill. Those will free up some slots that you can use to implement Mythic skills and other affixes that will be valuable to you such as: Bleed DMG+, Element Crit DMG* (Immolate, High Voltage, etc.), and Elemental Critical.

*Note: You may want to switch to fire element because Fire DoT can be increased vastly by Inferno, and Immolate cause insane bleed dmg. Ice is another option as well; it has recently been discovered to do MASSIVE damage.

  1. Perhaps think about changing the Talents on your gear (except for Might) to talents that will aid your bleed damage. You can see what talents do what in the codex under Dictionary -> Talents.

  2. Change your gear’s Natures to “of the Elements”; you can find the different natures in your codex under Dictionary -> Natures.

  3. Remove the attack speed.

  4. Change Skilled to Ruptured.

  5. Get some Deadly Strike.

  6. Harmony will help keep your Health and Energy up when put on your hat.

  7. I’m done.

You can find mythstone combinations here:


Thank you for the answers.

I will put the +2 Set as soon as possible.
For the element i don’t like fire, i prefer ice or electricity (even if i still cannot understand what +12.5 dmg debuff is for).

why do you say attack speed is not useful? isn’t it affecting the number of toss per minute?
such as MA and EAC, they do not increase the number of hatchets but they greatly increase dps (not base damage).

Well, CD increases how much you can toss. Attack speed just affects your hatchet’s speed while traveling. MA does, you’re right. That’s your choice. EAC is a chance, though, and a 100% guarantee is better than a 50% guarantee.

Thank you again.

I checked and Att. speed influence the number of toss and directly dps (not CD).
I will update removing +2 EAC to +5000 shock on the hatchet.

Anyway I am still stuck on the big difference of dmg. At lvl 370 M3 i need at least 2 hit to kill mobs.

Generally speaking, attack speed helps with primary attacks and reduced cool down helps with secondary attacks