Help with weapons

So I changed the difficulty I go through get a bunch of different weapons and I have way better rarities and I just don’t understand how to compare the weapons if I am looking at them numbers on the left bottom little square if it says DPS read percentage is that mean the new weapon isn’t as good or does that mean the weapon on the left side is worse I don’t understand help please

If you look at each weapon box in your inventory you will see a small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of your item description box.

If you press that it will open a whole new screen with more information for your weapons.

You can see even more information from the “hero” tab in your inventory screen. There are 7 or 8 pages of info to scroll through on that tab that breaks down all your weapon/armor/sklls etc.

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it’s better to compare the DPS on the Stat Page for the different Skills. not only that, some damage isn’t shown in the DPS (like damage from Critical Hits) or only shows in the DPS when some condition is active (like when your HP gets lower when you are using Defiant Set).

that little square in the lower left is best ignored. there have been a few posts about how accurate, or inaccurate, it is. in the early game, it can be useful, but in mid or late game, using the Stat page or figuring out the DPS your self is more accurate.

think about a Fire attack. there is the damage done by the hit, the Fire DoT damage, Immolate damage, Blistering Damage (if you have Elemental Critical and Elemental Critical Damage, respectively). then there is critical damage, and Deadly Strike (a chance for your crit. hit. to do double damage). you can get tons of damage that isn’t shown in DPS.

if you get into the game more, you can figure out what your DPS is even better than the Stat Page, just need a calculator and/or paper and pencil.

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