I was busy two days and could not play. Today I go to see my characters arena and just noticed have a warrior level 1??? I had a mage named zero_cool in that place. I think demi.gods hacker really Hates me LoL … can any devs help?

try to update your account

How i update my acc?

upload then do arena upload :smile:

Demi.gods is incapable of doing anything too your account check your chracters PvE side too make sure they are still the same ones you had put into PvP in the first place if they are simply playing arena with them should fix it :smile:

Im not the only who got this. He did to several players

what do you mean can you show some evidence?

No he did not Steiger has already confirmed he didn’t manage too mess with the server in any way

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Same here. Just got back from pvp.

are you at ban league?


I see because only ban players have encounter that thing maybe something is mess up.

It can be fix by reuploading the pvp toons. I have a strong feeling that this will happen again.
Also when i checked my dq cloud, all of my toons have reverted to lvl 1. I tried downloading it using different phone and yep! All items, accenssions, everything was gone, exept the character slot.
Sadly i forgot to SS that, my only proof is my words.

even at cloud your toons became lv1?, are you the only one how know your account?

I sent you a pm about this