Hi im a newbie player. Have some questions:

  1. What’s a good build for warrior (farming)?
  2. Do i have to ascend as soon as i got to 99?

Also any suggestions for sets?

as far as question 2, you do not have to ascend as soon as you reach level 99. you get to choose when you are ready to ascend. it might be a good time to make a good farming build before you ascend, or build up some crystals and myth stones. that way, when you ascend, you have some stuff to make a good level 1 farming set. as far as question 1, if you are doing the easier difficulties, focus on gold, luck, and fortune. if you are doing the harder difficulties, you want to focus on affixes that help destroy the monsters, with any space left over for gold, luck, and fortune.
check the codex for the sets listed. some are good for getting treasures, and the rest help in fighting one way or another. after checking codex, do a search in the forums, as there are some good builds other players have shared.
welcome to DQ, and good adventuring.

Thank you so much.

  1. There are many builds, you must choose somewhat to focus and search about it here.
  2. If you didn’t ascended yet, I recommend doing it asap in order to get Dealer Perk, cause it helps getting gold so much.