What is the best 2nd ascend for rogue hireling i has dealer on the 1st ascend. Please help thanks

  1. Dealer
  2. Fortunate
  3. Treasured
  4. Accomplished
  5. Enshrined
  6. Hunter


thanks :relaxed:

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I stuck with the first 4 only and use a hunter ring and totally ignore enshrined

first time I went for Perks, I did Accomplished, Fortunate, Enshrined, Dealer, Hunter, and Treasured. my next 2 Characters I get Perks for will have Dealer third and Enshrined fourth. I got my Perks in this order because I was focused on Ascending, and would do farming after I got the Perks. from most of the posts I have read, people get Perks based on what they plan on doing. are you going to do a lot of farming early, or crafting your items early, doing a lot PVE or PVP, Ascending for Perks, collecting lots of loot, or what ever it is, you get Perks that make it easier to do what you want.