Hello I switched from warrior to wizard and following the aftermath build (just switched yesterday night…currently lvl 42) Im wondering if theorycraft is super (SUPER) outdated
maybe the aftermath build too. I got all the sets, got some ultra rare crystals 2 obsidians,1 amethyst ,3 rubies (from making eternal items and converting them for 500k— A POP! than buying for 5,434,000 in the shop, cause Im a newbie need money) I want some tips especially from veteran players like Mr. Golem who commented on my other questions (thanks bro)
Anything maybe about how to make it more powerful or its outdated. Thank You! :smiley:

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You have to understand that aftermath is a utility set, not a damage set…
The way i see it, if a set doesnt directly increase damage like Frozen, Reactor, Aftermath, Terrashaper, etc. Then its a utility set

If you want damage then i recommend an eternal fates travesty (warrior item, convert it to wizard with jasper), and use it for twister, as golem said recently in another post, twister it a really great spell, they hit often, hard and pull enemies together so the loot is easy to collect; obviously needs heroic points and magnify talent is pretty great too
And again as a note to damage increases, as golem said, bloodmagic + masochism is x2.75 damage, and if you add the HauntingBonus from Clasp of Terror (Rogue item, near the back of legendex) thats another x2 damage, and finally the FrightningChoker (also Rogue item, right next to ClaspOfTerror) is a really great item for early on


Theory Craft is 7 years old, and yes, is very out dated. it does have a lot of good tips, but…

you should do a Search :mag: on Aftermath Builds. @CuzegSpiked did some nice Builds for PVP & PVE with it.

what you might need to do is only have the Chest with the Bonus and one other Aftermath Item to activate the Bonus. then get a Ring & Necklace with +4 All Sets total. this way you can get other Items that will give the Build more punch, like getting a Staff with +200% Weapon Damage and an Orb with either +100% Elemental Damage and add +100% WD or with a +200% WD also, so that both your Meteor & Shatter are doing lots more damage.

I have seen some posts suggesting that a Hireling does very well with Aftermath, as they can do better timing and attacks than a player with the same build. this is one of the Ideas I have for when I do a Wizard Hireling, to see just how good Aftermath is. I never used it as a Noob because it looked so complicated and I am lazy.

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As a beginner, you should focus first on farming gold while clearing maps because you will need lots of it for your ascension and crafting gears. Also you will die a lot at that point. So my suggestion is farm some gold first while climbing until you reach 500 floor. You could also buy another slot for your hireling but its not necessary at that point.

Regarding about the Aftermath set, it will help you reach floor 200 easily without having any crystal affix on it. Add some epic Dodge for survivability. You can also used the remaining item slots for Cosmic Power.