Hi! I’m new player on DQ. I’m now 54 lvl wizzard. How can I get good legendaries , cryztals?

Farming, farming and farming again. You can also play in pvp to get chests and convert them to legendary chest. If you want to find better loot, open the cartographer’s map and play in the highest difficulty level.

Where I should do farming ? And how I can convert chest to legendaries?

starm grinding gold and items at floor 100-200

Check out the guide section an there is some topics that will help you in what you need to know an then some.

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You should buy normal and rare item from SHOP (gold) after each MAP
It’s very cheap and sometimes u got legendary (about 10% chance for me).
A very very good tip for newbie
I got full legedary set when my lvl was 50 :smiley: