Can I use Discordance on Ring? It will affect on Dagger Build?

How may Trophy to get an Eternal Trophy?

Yes just make sure your only using 1 resource affix

I put it on my Ring but suddenly its not working. :frowning:
What do you mean one resource?

And on my 2nd question?

Convert your arena chests to eternal arena chests.
Resource mythics include: Energy, Fury, Alchemy, Discordance, Harmony, Blood Magic, Equivalence. They don’t work with one another.

Crazy thats why i cant use Discordance :frowning:
Im using bloodmagic mythic. It will affect when I use Bloodmagic Set then Discordance?

How many trophy to get Eternal?

Blood Magic takes priority over other mythics. But, if you just have Discordance on, it’ll work.
The chests you win in the arena. You need 100 epic ones to convert to one legends, and 100 legends ones to convert to one Eternal. Then you have a chance for an eternal chest.

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You can only have 1 resource system in your set. Look at the codex to know which mythics are resource system. Rule of thumb is if it says You can put it in any slot, it is a resource system

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Huhuhu I waste my mythics. So sad.

u can just keep the part for other build… u not alone tho there alot player out there including me have make that mistake lol. And so i can tell that the mistake u make is not a total waste, u get experience and knowledge (Duhh i feel like ive write this before)


Ohh I see. But on bloodmagic Set + Discordance mythic is ok?

They will only work separated. No.

Ah thanks for guide.