Heres my farm build in action

Hey guys heres my farming build in action. Floor 403 mythic3 with 982.5 luck 1012 gold find 320 item find and the usual crystal find and eternal find at 550%

Please comment and let me know if you guys know a faster way to clear a level


Enjoyed watching your Rogue flying so fast with the great pick up radius. Looks fun to play. :trophy::+1:

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What do you use for farming? Do you have a secret build that goes way faster?

My farming converged into my current crafts where I have a pure farmer on main and very fast DPS killer for hireling. Try incorporating Adventurer set into your hireling, it’s great for increased speed and damage while the gold counter is active.

Hireling already have adventure and lot of move speed. Adding more MS would make him go faster than monster spawn time and less clearing in a single go.

I love reduced cooldown at 75% with epiphany so knightcharge cast so quick and woth hogh pickup radius, i can manage to come back on my path to get the loot incredibly fast :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a build to climb floors in wich the main char have iceburn and frozen sets so he freezes all enemys while running FAST and the hireling has fire skullshield with crushing blow annihilating everything after main char passes with the same MS

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Question : if in pvp i have a timewarp proc chance, would it be possible to cast 2 timewarps? ( timewarp proc on a timewarp cast)

And if so, would my barrage benefit from both timewarps? :slight_smile:



@Tokiba seems mhytic league I found you to fight.:handshake:


What build was it? Skullshield? @MarveLouz