Hero Points Gone

First things first, I love the game btw.

So here’s what happened:

  • read somewhere that there is the issue about the hero points
  • tried to back up my progress but DQ wouldnt let me since there is a new version now, backed it up as soon it got updated
  • logged in and Rogue has Heroic Level of 27, Warrior 1, both 99s
  • Warrior has more points accumulated as this is my first character, prior to 1.7
  • uninstalled and reinstalled app, Heroic Level Rogue 8, Warrior 1

A little help devs? I can post pics of my 1k+ collection calcites if that’s any proof :smiley:

Account email is prepose.kevin@gmail.com btw.


Kebs, can you send me this in email? I can track it much faster and get you in my queue to fix as well. Support@shinyboxgames.com. Thanks!!